6 tips that will help you record better videos

In this post we will give you 6 tips to improve your recordings.

  1. First impressions count

The first seconds of your video are key. In a study of 2015 conducted in Canada, it is ensured that the average attention span of the human being is about 8 seconds (it was 12 seconds in 2000). So you know, a user will be based on the first 10 seconds of video to decide if your video is interesting or not.

The best way to captivate them is to generate curiosity about what is going to happen in the video. Say something interesting or show a preview of what will happen later in the video. That will leave them hooked.

  1. Highlight and be original

There are many videobloggers in the world and every day there are thousands of people who decide to start their own channel, so you need a way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

There are innumerable ways to distinguish yourself from others, such as your way of editing, music, what you do in your vlogs or even you as a person.

  1. Be yourself

A vlog is something very personal, and being authentic is important. Do not try to look like another famous YouTuber and do things you do not enjoy because you think you can get more reproductions, because it most likely does not work.

Be yourself and let your personality shine in your videos.

  1. Speak to the camera as you would talk to your friends

A very good way to connect better with the audience and give a more personal touch to your vlog is to pretend that instead of talking to a vlogging camera you are talking to your friends.

This will make you more relaxed, seem more natural and be more spontaneous in your videos, in addition to establishing a small emotional bond with your subscribers.

  1. Use the correct tone and words

Show yourself enthusiastic and friendly, let it be perceived that you are excited about what you are going to say or do. Do not be afraid to make jokes, people see vlogs for their own entertainment, so make them entertaining!

If your vlog is focused on a particular topic that you know a lot about, try not to use complicated or unusual words. If the spectators do not understand what you are talking about, they will close the tab and start doing something else.

  1. Look at the objective

Having a camera with a folding screen makes the recording of the vlog much easier since you can see yourself. Having a camera like this works great, but it’s very tempting to look at the screen instead of the lens.

If you do not look at the target, it will look unnatural and your subscribers may feel that you are not looking directly at them.