The History of the Custom Masonic Apron

The custom Masonic apron is one of the most versatile and useful items that can be bought for personal use or as a gift. These aprons are not just practical. They are also an extension of the wearer’s individuality. Traditionally, Masonic aprons were created in solid colors, usually black, navy blue or dark green. Today there is a plethora of color choices, so whether worn at work or in the community, the wearer will appreciate the individuality that an item such as this can represent.


For many years aprons were white. They were typically crafted out of heavy denim with little other detailing, but over time the apron has evolved into an item that is much more. Aprons can be made from colorful cotton, they can feature a satin double stitching, they can have embroidery or even crystals. Many an anpron today are made from materials such as corduroy, which makes the apron itself quite stylish. However, the bottom line is that the custom Masonic aprons of today are made to be as practical as they are stylish.


During the early years of the Order, the apron was simple and straightforward. It featured two strips of material that tied around the waist and beneath the arms. This was designed so that the wearer could quickly remove their garments without having to take their clothing off. Since Masonic rituals required extensive preparation and worship, it was important that members of the order were able to perform their vows and prayers without leaving their robes. Therefore, the apron became the garment that they wore beneath their clothes.


As time passed, however, the apron underwent a makeover. The original fabric was enhanced, and the pockets and straps were replaced with dainty stoles that were barely noticeable under a buttoned up shirt. Eventually, the apron became nothing more than a way to fasten a necktie. This trend ended with the wearing of ties in the 17th century, and the apron became more of a cloak than a helpful tool for ceremony.


Today, the apron is no longer used solely as a necktie. In fact, it has evolved into a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in many different ways. Traditionally, black is the color of the apron but today it is not uncommon to see a white or other color worn.


Traditionally, the apron is an item that is reserved for the ladies of the Craft. Today, men are just as welcome to wear one. In fact, many custom apron designs have neutral colors that are suitable for men and women. Often these apron colors match those worn by the twins of the same sex, or those who are members of the same family.


Another popular custom Masonic apron color is blue. This is a color commonly associated with the Masonic Order, and there are many different patterns of apron that feature this color. Whether worn as a collared apron, or one that is worn over a dress, blue is always a popular choice. Whether worn alone or with matching pants, blue is one of the most popular colors for a custom printed apron.


No matter what the occasion, it is easy to find a custom printed apron pattern that is appropriate for the occasion. From weddings to graduations, there are many occasions for which a printed apron would be appropriate. Whatever the theme of the celebration, it is easy to find the right apron to match. There is also the option of ordering a preprinted apron from an online retailer. Ordering through an online retailer allows you to have your apron shipped directly to your door, giving you the ease of shopping at your convenience.

4 Ways To Beat The Long Hitter

1. Hit it instantly

Nothing receives internal a long hitters head faster then a fairway hitting opponent. Chances are the lengthy hitter isn’t always the maximum correct driver of the golf ball, preserve the warmth on through hitting the green as tons as viable. If you need to use a hybrid membership or a iron off the tee to maintain the ball within the fairway, the intellectual fringe of hitting the green outweighs the lack of distance.

2. Hit the green

Most of if no longer all the time you may be hitting first, keep the PES 2013 pc indir warmth on by using hitting the green If he is aware of you’re looking at birdie putts all day, it starts to wear on him

3. Have an awesome quick sport

The quick game is the proper equalizer at the golfing route. If you have got a sharp quick sport you could compete against any golfer on the earth.

4. Ignore his distance

Accept the truth the he hits the ball 50 to 60 yards past you. If you accept the truth that distance doesn’t be counted, you may have another mental advantage. What distinction does it make if he is hitting a pitching wedge and you’re hitting a 7 iron on your 2nd shot? Golf is all approximately getting the ball in the hole within the fewest strokes, no longer how you got the ball within the fewest strokes.

When you are gambling a match in opposition to an extended hitter, and we could face it, with the era in golf golf equipment, golf balls, strength training and nutrition, men are hitting the ball three hundred plus yards on a ordinary foundation. The fact nonetheless stays that while you are on the golfing direction you are strolling (or riding) with a bag of gear. It is only a rely of the usage of the proper device for project to hand. Does it without a doubt depend what club it takes you to hit a golfing ball one hundred fifty yards? Weather it’s a 6, 7,8 or 9 iron should not be counted to you, and your combatants membership choice have to be the remaining element from your thoughts all through a fit.

The pride of the long hitters game is hitting it lengthy, so the truth that you may compete with him while not having to hit the three hundred yard drives is already a benefit to your desire if you pick out to study it that manner. As a quick hitter you must focus on preserving the strain on as a good deal as possible. The 4 steps that I even have mentioned will come up with the mental area which you want to negate the lengthy drives that your opponent is blasting past you.


Benefits of cheapest email hosting

Why cheapemail host

Best E-mail Hosting Providers


SiteGround are a dependable hosting choice for entrepreneurs and folks as well. This cheapest email hosting provider does not supply a devoted email arrange. Instead, they include e-mail internet hosting as an extra perk along with their regular internet hosting alternatives.

This will make it simple for new online marketers to determine their own mail system quickly and efficiently. In fact, you are able to handle your e-mail through cPanel, and that’s a popular webmaster system.

With a customized mail from SiteGround, you’re obtaining built-in spam filtering and plenty of security features. There’s also email forwarding. You have access to your own mail through many webmail that is different. Included in this are RoundCube and SquirrelMail. Or, you can make use of the protected standards to create your mailboxes up through the email client of your choice. It’s a service that is versatile’s easy for anyone to need.

cheapest email hosting

Essential Functions:

Make use of very own domain

Limitless mail reports on larger programs

Boasts internet plan

Forwarding functions

Anti-spam filter integrated

Functions protect standards for email people

Tends to be managed in cPanel

99.9 per cent uptime warranty

24-hour customer care


Bluehost is an additional web that is popular supplier that offers e-mail service to the customers. There are many plans that are different to you personally. The Basic strategy is rather restricted. You only see 5 e-mail accounts with 100 MB of storage space each. One other systems need problems right up a level.

The advantage strategy, Choice Plus plan, and Pro plan all have limitless mail reports. Furthermore, but you have limitless storage at the same time. Every person on the professionals can their particular own e-mail, assisting your company stay arranged under one provider.

Additional attributes are included as well. All records incorporate junk e-mail safety. You can also make use of prominent e-mail clients like perspective. For high-tier plans, Microsoft workplace integration is roofed as well.

Crucial Functions:

Endless e-mail accounts on some systems

Endless e-mail storage available

Incorporated junk e-mail security

Office 365 business integration

Compatible with most email people

Are maintained in cPanel

24-hour customer support

At, discover a couple of various e-mail web hosting possibilities for your requirements. If you choose to host your internet site with, you need the provider’s shared mail machine. It’s added to the hosting that is basic and lets you establish up to 100 e-mail reports.

For one thing much more feature-rich, you need grams room or Microsoft 365. These ideas are like split 3rd party service providers. But, they’re totally integrated with all the internet treatments.

Office 365 internet includes tools that are several characteristics. It truly does work with the working office collection of software and contains up to 50 GB of storage. With G room, the mail was powered by Gmail. The G room option offers built-in integration with Google’s computer software lineup

Essential Attributes:

A few business email holding expertise offered

Office 365 integration offered

G Collection integration readily available

Venture and conferencing functions

Custom domain names

Higher-tier projects include affect space

Automatic syncing with mail customers


The provider certainly has a lot to give while Zoho Mail might not be as popular as services offered by Microsoft or Google. With a contact hosting account, you get access to an entire room of software. The application contains calendars, work, notes, and contact databases.

You have access to the inboxes entirely on the Zoho web site. The rates model that Zoho uses charges for every e-mail user. You can get up to 100 GB of mail storing, which can be more than enough for most people.

In terms of protection, Zoho supplies features that are several maintain your e-mail protected. There’s authentication that is two-step enter into the account, spam selection to help keep your inbox clutter-free, and a lot more.

Important Services:

Charges are derived from wide range of users

Breathtaking webmail screen

E-mail parts limited to 25 MB

Up to 100 GB of storage space

Personalized domain names

Free arrange available

Several output apps included


Email migration aid

Why choose cheapest email hosting

Cheap email 1

Best E-mail Hosting Providers

cheapest email hosting


SiteGround was a trusted internet hosting option for company owners and individuals as well. This company doesn’t offering a devoted e-mail plan. Fairly, they put email hosting as an added perk the help of its standard cheapest email hosting possibilities.

This makes it quite easy for new online marketers to ascertain their mail program efficiently and quickly. In reality, you are able to control your own mail through cPanel, that is a webmaster platform that is popular

With a personalized mail from SiteGround, you’re getting built-in spam filtering and plenty of security features. There’s also email forwarding. You can access your own email through many webmail that is different. Examples of these are RoundCube and SquirrelMail. Or, you need to use the secure standards to set your mailboxes up through the email client that you choose. It’s a versatile services that’s simple for one to use.

Important Functions:

Use your very own site

Limitless email reports on greater strategies

Comes with internet hosting program

Forwarding qualities

Anti-spam filtration integrated

Applications protect protocols for email people

Is was able in cPanel

99.9 per cent uptime guarantee

24-hour customer support


Bluehost is yet another web that is popular service provider that gives email provider to their consumers. There are several various methods offered for your requirements. The fundamental plan is pretty minimal. You only have 5 mail account with 100 MB of storage each. The other tactics bring things up a notch.

The benefit arrange, Selection positive arrange, and Pro approach all have unlimited mail account. Not just that, but you have limitless storage too. Folks on your professionals can their own email that is own your organization remain arranged under one solution.

Further properties come at the same time. All records integrate spam shelter. You can incorporate email that is popular like perspective. For high-tier plans, Microsoft Office integration is included too.

Key Functions:

Unlimited mail records on some programs

Limitless email storage available

Incorporated junk e-mail cover

Workplace 365 business integration

Compatible with many mail people

Are maintained in cPanel

24-hour support

At, you will find a few various e-mail internet available options for your requirements. If you choose to host your site with, The provider’s can be used by you provided email server. It’s added to the hosting that is basic and allows you to generate up to 100 e-mail reports.

For anything considerably feature-rich, you need G room or Microsoft 365. These programs act like individual 3rd party companies. However, they’re completely incorporated making use of the web providers.

Company 365 internet hosting contains tools that are several properties. It functions with the working office suite of applications and has now around 50 GB of storage. With G collection, your email is powered by Gmail. The G package alternative provides inbuilt integration with Google’s computer software collection

Essential Services:

A few business e-mail solutions that are hosting

Office 365 integration offered

Grams Package integration offered

Cooperation and conferencing functions

Customized domain names

Higher-tier projects consist of affect storage

Automatic syncing with e-mail people


The provider certainly has a lot to give while Zoho Mail might not be as popular as services offered by Microsoft or Google. With a message internet hosting membership, you get access to an suite that is entire of. The application include calendars, activities, records, and make contact with listings.

You can access the inboxes right on the Zoho website. The pricing design that Zoho utilizes charges for every e-mail consumer. You can acquire up to 100 GB of email storage, that is significantly more than enough for most people.

When considering safety, Zoho provides features that are several keep the e-mail secured. There’s two-step verification to get into the levels, spam filtering to help keep your email clutter-free, and a lot more.

Essential Functions:

Charge derive from range customers

Stunning webmail screen

Email messages attachments simply for 25 MB

Up to 100 GB of storage area

Custom domain names

Free strategy available

A few output programs integrated


Mail migration support

Actually a data or A data middle middle?

uk server colocation



The organizations of nowadays have actually lots of solutions when considering Dealing with their facts. People were pressed because of the safety issues from the affect toward utilizing information stores while several are opting for cloud solutions. uk server colocation

facts center colocation

Nevertheless, what kind of suggestions middle is acceptable for their desires? As long as they make use of an off-premises or on-premises choice?


Enterprises will benefit from Integrating colocation. Knowing precisely why, it is helpful to provide an information middle concept of the  means it varies from other architecture and exactly what colocation was.


What’s Colocation, Anyhow?

Colocation was a phrase that gets cast around Is not always identified. This is of colocation, strictly talking try a circumstance anywhere the servers are positioned by a company at a data hub that is alternative party. The premises keeps on the obligation for dealing with, supplying cooling and electricity in addition to handling those servers on an basis that is everyday. The client keeps possession and control of all everything and their servers on these in the definition of a colocation connection. Rack room is largely leased by all of them along with join these to treatments while the system necessary to run them.


Some customers choose to rather lease servers than purchasing their models, heart. This will perhaps not match the definition of colocation hosting because the computers belong. At a colocation arrangement, consumers have the liberty accomplish precisely what they need up to and including getting rid of them if they’re not achieved because of the ongoing services associated with records center. Given that they possess machines including their unique data data in the colocation middle is as simple as strolling from the  door and unplugging the host.


What Will Happen Colocation Data Locations

uk server colocation

Its not all facts heart is established to accommodate colocation service. Listed below are some elements that separate all of them from private information facilities:


Structure: Colocation facilities are created to take care of a broad selection of buyers requirement. Their system needs to be versatile sufficient to incorporate by far the most current and gear that is legacy . They need to also contain the skills to judge the  room, power, and heating specifications of a person to architect their own installment.


Once clients go for colocation later remote control Hands Taking a look at the difference between versus off-premises choices, they wish to feel good. Meaning utilising the esteem of radio control service that provide professional specialists which can be onsite in order to keep programs up and operating on a normal foundation. Colocation suppliers have the tools to deal with the problem occasionally ahead of the clients also understands there clearly was an problem When a server falls during the heart on the nights.


Interconnectivity: For firms that desire to keep your protection of a data heart colocation information center allow the better of the 2 globes, whilst using the alternatives cloud hosting service providers and to find the ISPs. As centers which happen to be carrier-neutral data stores may possibly provide a array that is vast of together with the safety of connections. They’re also able to construct architectures which are multi-cloud automobile and crossbreed to improve cloud freedom and records shelter.


Monitoring: As customers have their unique servers in Information facilities, an arrangement will need to give visibility and openness making it possible to track those tools. By examining metrics and states on power use, subscribers, and effectiveness statistics, organizations could work to maximize their particular companies.


Deployment Assurance: Colocation info locations discover how to supply system for future development. In accordance with a Organization’s current IT anywhere these desires will take care of the program regarding the after desires, they were able to anticipate decades that are few. The problems may flowing Migrations preventing the need for repair works that is retroactive down the street, both of that could lead to flexibility and savings that are substantial.



uk server colocation


The businesses of have lots of options when it comes to Managing their information today. Enterprises are pressed by the issues of safety linked to the affect toward making use of records facilities while many are choosing cloud solutions.

information heart colocation

Nevertheless, what sort of info middle is appropriate due to their requires? As long as they incorporate an off-premises or on-premises solution? Also a data or A data middle center?

Enterprises will benefit from Integrating colocation. To learn precisely why, it really is beneficial to feed an information heart concept of the  method it varies from other tissues and just what colocation server colocation


What’s Colocation, Anyhow?

Colocation try a phrase that becomes thrown around Is not always identified. This is of colocation, strictly speaking is a circumstance whenever its hosts are positioned by a business at a data hub that is alternative party. The establishment keeps on the duty for tackling, supplying air conditioning and electricity in addition to dealing with those machines on an everyday foundation. Into the definition of a colocation connection, the customer helps to keep control and power over all everything and their machines on these. Stand room is largely hired them to services and the infrastructure required to conduct them by them as well as join.


Some customers would rather rent computers Instead than buying their particular products, middle. This will maybe not fit this is of colocation web hosting because the computers belong. At a colocation arrangement, customers experience the independence to complete what they need up to getting rid of them if they are maybe not achieved of the  solutions from the information center. Because they possess hosts which include their facts data from in

uk server colocation

side the colocation middle is really as straightforward as taking walks from the hinged doorway and unplugging the host.


What The Results Are Colocation Facts Locations

Not all data center is initiated to support colocation services. Check out facets that identify all of them from personal data facilities:


System: Colocation stores are designed to provide a broad selection of customer criteria. Their structure needs to be versatile adequate to integrate probably the most current and legacy gear . They should additionally possess the knowledge to evaluate the  location, electricity, and heating needs of a person to architect her installation.


Whenever customers choose for colocation later isolated Hands Taking a look at the distinctions between versus off-premises choices, they would like to feel well. This means utilizing the self-confidence of radio control service that provide professional specialists which happen to be onsite in order to keep programs up and operating on a normal basis. Colocation providers have the technology to handle the condition sometimes before the client also knows there is certainly an problem whenever a server goes down during the heart with the night.


Interconnectivity: For businesses that need to maintain Safety of a facts center colocation information heart allow the best of the 2 worlds, whilst using the selections cloud hosting services and also to pick the ISPs. As locations being carrier-neutral facts locations may provide a vast array of service alongside the safety of relations. Also able to create architectures which are multi-cloud automobile and crossbreed to boost cloud freedom and information protection.


Spying: As consumers possess their machines in info centers, a plan will have to create transparency and openness rendering it feasible to track those info. By evaluating metrics and states on energy use, tourist, and efficacy analytics, organizations can work to maximise their unique systems.


Implementation confidence: Colocation suggestions centers discover how to Provision system for potential expansion. According to a Organization’s existing IT whenever these desires will take care of the plan associated with after specifications, they may foresee Few years. The issues may flowing Migrations and stop the need for fixes that include retroactive down the trail, each of that may translate into versatility and considerable benefit.


Discover our different brands of men’s leather goods

heavy duty backpack

You have no items to compare.

How to choose your handbag?

The handbag is the essential leather accessory for a woman. It is indicative of your personality, is used to support your style, can highlight your outfit or make it more sober. The brand, the material and the color, these are the three points to define when choosing a woman bag . The woman’s handbag will be chosen according to its usefulness: to go to work? in the evening ? go shopping? or in a less rational way: to match with a nice pair of shoes … From the eccentricity of a sequin evening bag to the women’s shoulder bag to go for a walk, you buy a bag according to an occasion heavy duty backpack.

How to match your leather goods accessories?

For your evenings, your pocket is the accessory not to forget that will reveal your outfit. It can be bright, sober, bake or even suede. If you want to dress up bohemian, don’t forget your desigual multi color women’s shoulder bag . For a chic style, it should be discreet and we recommend the black leather woman bag. You can wear it on your shoulder, or wear it on your side. You can also hold it in your hand when it is small. To go to university or to work, the tote bag is ideal especially if you need to carry all your things. 

A collection of trendy and high quality bags. Indeed, the biggest fashion designers have reintroduced on the catwalks and in your wardrobe this superb men’s leather goods accessory, and Gsell says thank you. As practical as they are trendy, they have not finished surprising and convincing you! From the colorful backpack to the leather pouch, passing by the urban bag … There is absolutely something for all tastes and all budgets. So shop your favorite men’s bag now and get free delivery from 40 euros of purchases!

Men’s leather bag or sports bag, several sizes available.

Put your phone, keys and wallet in a men’s clutch bag. Discover the nylon or leather ones from the Tommy 

heavy duty backpack

Hilfiger brand or the Eastpak canvas pockets. Need a multi-use bag for your business? Opt for a Le Tanneur towel. Several compartments will allow you to store your laptop and personal items. Are you looking for a bum bag or a sports bag? You will also have a wide choice here. Several sizes are available at excellent value for money.


The new men’s leather goods Co!


I shop


Computer bags

Practical sales. A bag designed to carry a laptop or a tablet as well as everything necessary for everyday travelers.

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Trendy bags for men at the forefront of fashion.


Serge Blanco

A very sporty selection with Serge Blanco.

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A new portfolio?

Wallets for all men. Find classic leather models but also technical, anti-RFID card holders from Secrid.


New Boréalis The North Face backpack

Camouflage or plain, to go to work or adventure. It is perfect for an urban environment or for adventure. Backpack or your 15 “notebook will be completely safe

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a gift for Him


Men’s bag

Computer bag

Small leather goods



Watch box

Made in France




You have no items to compare.

What are the types of men’s bags on


Gsell is a family business that started in the 19th century in Thionville. A hundred years later, and we are still here. Our website welcomes you so that you can order the man bag you need. You will find leather bags for a classy and distinguished effect but also robust and light backpacks to accompany you on your hikes. At Gsell, we really want to diversify our ranges as much as possible to satisfy the desires of our customers.


Discover our different brands of men’s leather goods


Whether you want to buy a men’s shoulder bag or a work bag, we will have everything you need. To increase your chance of finding the ideal bag, you can use the search bar on your left and choose the color, the price you want or the brand. Regarding brands, we offer various French and foreign brands such as Lacoste, Samsonite or Eastpak . These brands make very different models to satisfy all tastes. 

Our collection of gloves to protect you from the cold. Gentlemen, gloves are absolutely essential accessories! They will indeed help you to face winter calmly and warm. Whether you choose them in leather or acrylic, their flexibility makes them very comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Gsell has thought of everyone and therefore offers you different sizes of men’s gloves but also different prices! And if you are a biker, you will find on this page gloves specially designed for the motorcycle. Make your choice quickly because if you find cheaper elsewhere, Gsell will reimburse you twice the difference!


heavy duty backpack

Shoulder bag

Trendy and discreet, the shoulder bag will adapt to all your outfits! The shoulder bag for men is at the forefront of fashion! To offer or to be offered, it is an ideal gift that will necessarily fill the lucky little one who will receive it. So do not deprive yourself any longer of this essential and aesthetic leather accessory! In addition to being very light and trendy, it has many interior pockets that will facilitate the storage of your personal belongings. And since Gsell thinks of everyone, here you will find a very wide choice of branded pockets but also pockets at a lower price! Delivery is free from purchases of 40 euros heavy duty backpack.

Discover the men’s jewelry box, it deserves to be known! Who said that the jewelry box was exclusively reserved for women? Certainly not Gsell who invites you to discover the men’s jewelry box. In leather or synthetic, it is a case of choice in which your most precious effects will be exposed in safety. Equipped with small pads, it will allow you to store without ever damaging your cufflinks, for example. To offer or to be offered, the men’s jewelry box is an ideal gift that will always make people happy! Order it quickly because Gsell gives you thirty days of freedom in case you change your mind.heavy duty backpack

Dimensions: 48 cm x 38 cm

Capacity: 14L

1 interior zipped storage pocket

2 years warranty

The Arthur Essentiel Noir is a best seller thanks to its sleek design. You can store all your belongings thanks to the front pocket, the pocket on the flap and the one inside. The ergonomic back, the 2 adjustable and padded shoulder straps allow ultra comfortable carrying for the shoulders. A special pocket allows you to store your 13 inch computer with a waterproof closure to protect it from the rain. The polyester material is water repellent and ultra solid.

Storage  :

1 closed main compartment with zip + quick access on the side

1 zipped pocket on the flap

1 waterproof zipped pocket for a 13 inch computer

1 interior zipped pocket

1 front zipped pocket + 2 side zipped pockets


> Free Shipping in Metropolitan France

> 100% secure payment

> Fast shipping within 3-5 days for Bags and 5-7 days for Sweats & T-shirts

> Need advice, contact us at

Easily transportable by hand or over the shoulder, the Adèle pink shopping bag has a large capacity of 14 liters.


Storage  :


Zipped closure

1 interior zipped storage pocket

Interior storage pockets



Exterior: Polyester

Lining: Polyester 



Clean with a damp cloth

Do not machine wash

Do not use detergent or bleach

Dry in the shade

Washing of leather not recommended

2 years warranty


Exterior: Polyester

Lining: Polyester 

Back and straps reinforced with high density foam


> Free Shipping in Metropolitan France

> 100% secure payment

> Fast shipping within 3-5 days for Bags and 5-7 days for Sweats & T-shirts

> Need advice, contact us at


Clean with a damp cloth

Do not machine wash

Do not use detergent or bleach

Dry in the shade


funky umberella

It is in our workshops, in Aurillac in the heart of Cantal, that the Piganiol umbrellas are lovingly made . We carefully select each raw material to make umbrellas that match French know-how . Thanks to innovative materials, our umbrellas are designed to withstand time and torment. So our umbrellas combine the charm of craftsmanship with the rigor of manual manufacturing .

The Piganiol umbrella is made to last and accompany you as long as possible in the weather. We pay real attention to the quality of our products and each umbrella is manufactured with meticulous care funky umberella.

Whether you are looking for a woman umbrella or a man umbrella , a cane umbrella or a mini umbrella, an automatic or semi-automatic umbrella … You will find your happiness here. We offer a real variety of range from transparent umbrella to bell umbrella, from patterned umbrella to plain umbrella, from traditional umbrella to wedding umbrella…

The women’s umbrellas of our House are carefully thought out by our stylists to satisfy your tastes and desires. We work daily to create luxurious umbrellas with a unique design.

Our men’s umbrellas vary between classic, tradition and modernity. Audacity or sobriety, there is something for everyone.

Order Mercedes-Benz AMG umbrellas online  funky umberella

Large selection of Mercedes-Benz umbrellas in the online store. The Mercedes Accessories store offers a wide range of umbrellas; black, brown, folding, bells, golf umbrellas, or even transparent umbrellas. The umbrellas are available in different sizes ranging from 97 cm to 130 cm in span. No more rainy days that ruin your life! Official Mercedes-Benz France umbrellas. 


Compact, you can take a folding umbrella without constraint. That said, it has a smaller canvas than straight models, so a smaller protective surface.


There is a third category: the golf umbrella, designed to take shelter for two. Imposing, it is not adapted to an urban context. 3


funky umberella

Before making your choice,  ask yourself how you will use your umbrella.


For example, if you don’t like cluttering up, this is a folding model for you. Likewise if you are simply looking for “extra protection”. On the other hand, if you travel by car, or if you don’t mind holding a cane, why not take a straight umbrella?


On the price side, there is also an arbitration to be done. Will you be careful? Would you like an object with a worked design? Are you the type to lose it?


Personally, I forget my umbrella every time I sit on the terrace. For this reason, I will have to pass my turn on this sublime Il Marchesato model with cobra-shaped handle …


Take the time to reflect to make your choice as wisely as possible!



Obviously, the materials selected will be the first indicator .


Also check the uniformity of the fabric , that it does not present any defect. For once, use a light source 4and go there below. Imperfections will appear.



funky umberella

As with any piece of fabric, the regularity of the seams here also gives us an indication of the quality. On the bottom, the edges of the canvas must be reinforced to prevent it from fraying.

If you have the possibility, open and close your umbrella several times to test the “fluidity” of its mechanism. But not indoors, it brings bad luck!

On the style side, there is no universal rule.

You can’t go wrong with a navy blue, black, dark green model …

Why not also go for clear colors, all as easy, which change the usual shades?

That said, the umbrella remains an accessory: we can therefore afford a little fantasy . More and more efforts are being made on the design of the canvas, playing on the nuances and patterns.

 Piganiol tartan umbrella . The colors are very sober, allowing the motif to remain subtle, while bringing a little “something” to the object.

Foldable umbrellas are not to be outdone. (Fulton)  funky umberella 

If you want to go further, it can be used to introduce this “unexpected” tip, the little twist that shifts an outfit.

Camouflage Le Flageolet umbrella . In a casual outfit made up of sober pieces, why not!

The canary yellow umbrella completes the dress look well, its shade contrasting with the neutral tones of the rest of the outfit.


Isotoner : without being phenomenal, the clothing holds up. It is a very correct entry level.

Fulton : the British brand supplies the court of the Queen of England, which is rather reassuring when it comes to clothing. There is no risk taking in the design, despite some patterned models.

Ayrens : dating from the end of the 19th century, the brand was honored with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label . There is a real plurality in styles, with a range of prices where everyone can find his account.funky umberella

Le Véritable Cherbourg : inspired by the film by Jacques Demy, the brand offers models made in France, produced with care. However, the range is limited.

Piganiol : another large French factory, it offers hand-made umbrellas in Aurillac since 1884.

Il Marchesato : manufacturer of my famous cobra umbrella, the Italian brand offers precious models in noble materials (crystal details, gold plated …). Just for your viewing pleasure, I invite you to take a look!


The umbrella is an accessory with real practical interest.

Depending on your habits and what you prefer, it is up to you to choose the most suitable format between the straight and folding models. Stay vigilant on the quality of the materials and the care of the finishes.


Style wise, you can’t go wrong with a plain and sober model. That said, we can afford a little more fantasy and use it as a way to complete your looks. Manufacturers compete in inventiveness, there are now umbrellas for all tastes.


Now, all you have to do is remember it when you leave in the morning!