Create your company profile on Instagram and take off your sales with creative content

In a very short time, Instagram has positioned itself as one of the most effective social networks for brands . By creating a company profile on Instagram, you will not only be reaching a greater number of potential customers , but you will be able to give your brand a great boost through creative content that will build customer loyalty.

Increase the visibility and reach of your brand

A company profile on Instagram will help you connect your business (products or services) with your target audience , and once you have reached them, one click will be enough for them to reach your website and they can even buy directly on the social network , so your conversions can be increased significantly.

How to create your company profile on Instagram

To create a company profile on Instagram of rda, the first thing you have to do is register with an email address or phone number, and you can even link it to an existing one on Facebook.

Now, since you are in your profile (in the main menu) you must click on the configuration menu , on the user icon at the bottom right of your screen. Now you can choose ” switch to commercial account “.

Once you are inside your company profile on Instagram, you should go to the option “ Connect with blue world city” where you will select your business Facebook page, which will be associated with your new company profile on Instagram. Of course, for this we must remind you that you have to be an administrator on Facebook .

In this way, the information you have on your Facebook page will be automatically imported into your company profile Sky Marketing

 on Instagram. But always make sure you have a contact phone, a physical address or an email so that all your potential clients can contact you.

If you need to edit your information, just select ” Edit Profile ” in the configuration menu at any time.

Boost your profile and achieve the best results

Of course, your reputation as a brand, your visibility and your conversion rate will not improve just by having your company profile on Instagram, since you must add content frequently, and you must take into account that each of them manages to capture the attention and bring something to your target audience.

To know how to create an appropriate strategy, you must choose your business objectives , which may be, for example, that your followers visit your website, or create calls to action, for example, that they acquire any of your products.

Remember that on Instagram the important thing is visual communication and that you add extra value to your publications so that your followers will keep an eye on each of your publications.

Although your objectives are clear, do not seek to promote your brand in each of your publications as the sole objective, it is about creating a link between your potential customers and your publications and thereby achieve more visibility for your brand.

Use the hashtag’s power , but sparingly. Although legends and hashtags are indispensable tools to position your brand and extend the reach of your publications, they must be used with cunning to avoid being labeled as spam.

Remember that on Instagram you will not have a cover as it happens with Facebook and Twitter, so it will be important to use your logo with very good definition as a profile image. Define the look and feel of your profile on Instagram since through it users will recognize you.

You can further enhance your company profile on Instagram using the Stories , those ephemeral posts that include photos and small videos that only last 24 hours but can be used to create a special launch, or any content you want to create excitement with . Remember that the Stories are a resounding success on Instagram.

Instagram recently launched the Shopping option , which allows company profiles on Instagram to tag products in their organic posts, giving users the ability to easily purchase them. You can take advantage of this new tool and shoot your sales, as well as visits to your website.

Do you have any more tips that you want to share with us? Tell us your strategies on Instagram through the comments.