Latest dress design 2020


Browse our party wear collection and shop clothes line in Pakistan. Our collection provides look that is elegant and timeless that you have always dreamt of.

Pakistan’s premier and luxury fashion brand SUSSI has launched dress design 2020 for their stylish collections which are available across Pakistan and on its online shop for local and worldwide clients.

SUSSI features attractive prints with beautiful floral details garnished with ethnic embroidery and layouts. The collection consists of beautiful designs and has been designed by experienced and renowned designers.

Traditional look

Conventional look is favored by the majority of the women in Pakistan. This includes wearing the cultural and traditional kurtis for example, of colors, blue and black. The selection of material helps in uplifting the appearance. Together with these kurtis, use of traditional adornments will increase the impressions.

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Eye-catchy look

This season most of the ladies should really like to wear dresses of vibrant colors offering them an eye-catchy appearance. Wearing vivid color embroidered dresses may give you the look that you’re looking for. The colors of color that is bright may include crimson, pink, orange and green which are never out of fashion. SUSSI’s embroidered assortment with decorations may provide the impressions to you.

In-thing Appearance

Ladies styles are changeable. They adore to wear according to the current fashion trends. Not a single girl wants to look. A fusion wear that combines both traditional and western appearance will help shout out. The combination of western and traditional can give the appearance out that women always have longed for. Fusing western and traditional can set you apart from the audience.

It’s possible to follow these easy ladies fashion hints that helps to extend a stunning makeover. You are free to select what suits you according to personality, height, your body shape and other elements. Always select for a fashion which goes with your personality and you can carry well.

SUSSI is well known for combination of exquisite vases, flattering designs and attention to detail. Each collection of Sussi is imagined with versatility, elegance, style and versatility in mind.

So give it a go!

Naturally, it’s your wedding day and you’ve put months, if not years into determining the great bridal wear which makes you seem excellent also. Try to choose the right outfit.

In Pakistan, weddings are becoming bigger and crazier. It has come to be a standard affair where major and a real creative thought flows takes place. The fashion designers layout bridal wear keeping in mind that the impulse to revitalize the tendencies by making connection that is ethnic.

Distinctive styles of wedding outfits come in different materials that go along with the figure and make a unique style statement. The outfit’s shape depends upon the type of fabric. Usage of stiff material from the bridal wear compliments your figure nicely and creates the form of its own, and substance that is silky will drape over your body. All these are the outfits which transcend styles and can be performed out elegantly.

The designers in SUSSI, plays with color bearing in mind the event, including captivating ghararas, lehngas and an effusion of machine and hand-made embroideries. Our designers use high excellent fabric for example raw georgette, chiffon, silks and gorgeous nets.

It is tricky to find up to a detail to pick in our collection since it captures the conventional quintessential bridal aesthetic. Our style designers have made each wear which depicts a fundamentally sophisticated and conventional bride that was cultured. The outfit looks fantastic with machine and hand-made embroidery on each ensemble.With flawless finish, intricate details and a stunning calming color seldom seen on brides, it’s excellent for the bride who wants a distinguish appearance on her big day.

Above all, every bridal wear SUSSI encounter as cultural, traditional and mesmerizing, in other words exactly what a bride dreams for her big day.