What’s web hosting?

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Web hosting is a certain kind of service which allows companies and individuals to make their website accessible on the World Wide Web.  One.com hosts your site content on one of our many secure servers also assigns it with a special address in the DNS. The domain system serves as the fast host webmail of the net.  Your domain name is mapped into this DNS speech, which enables users to click and view your site.

When you purchase a hosting package with one.com, you are essentially buying space for your website to be kept on one of the servers.  Similar to the hard disk of your computer , our servers allow your website documents to be accessed from any location.

Safe hosting you can trust

Reliably quick hosting for each Site 

fast host webmail


Free copy and wildcard SSL certificate with every program.


Optimal performance and reassuringly fast load times.


Generous performance and storage specifications scaled to your requirements.

Why host your site using one.com?

At one.com, we strongly believe that secure, reliable web hosting is crucial to client success.  We’ve included all aspects of site hosting to our plans, to create the choice of hosting provider for you.  No need consider mailbox dimensions or to purchase email hosting individually; no need to rely aliases, SFTP accounts or subdomains; and no need to worry about bandwidth.  Concentrate on managing and building your website including all the building blocks at your fingertips.

Our professional web hosting includes a unique and easy-to-use controller panel that provides easy access to a full variety of functionalities to get all of your one.com services.  You do not need to be a server admin to simply host your website using one.com; resources like site analytics and internet file manager are easily accessible. For all anyone who have more technical knowledge, SSH and innovative tooling are of course supported.

State of the art safety for each hosted website

Website security is a ever-growing issue for everybody!  To take away a number of the worries, one.com supports a free wildcard SSL certificate automatically on every website in order to protect user information and offers daily backups of all files, databases and emails at no extra cost.

To safeguard your site against cyber-attacksour hosting infrastructure operates built-in malware protection programs with 24/7 monitoring and DDoS protection, with the additional option of SiteLock Locate and SiteLock Fix integrations for further checks and actions.  WordPress websites using our custom tools benefit from your WordPress health monitor assembled specifically to monitor the functionality of your site and alert on potential dangers, moving from clean-up to avoidance measures.

Blazingly fast website hosting in your fingertips

Whether you’re a budding startup or an established e-commerce business, you have to ensure that your website loads quickly.  Not only do visitors abandon sites quickly, but Google penalises them. You will, therefore, be reassured by super-fast load occasions that one.com can offer thanks to our web server accelerator, SSD storage to most information, and border nodes caching content.

Blazingly fast web hosting hosting at your fingertips

One.com offers fully optimised Linux based hosting on the LAMP stack, with built-in scalability to grow with your company.  With up to 8GB RAM and 8x CPU priority, now we’re able to provide superior processing ability to serve your hosting requirements.  Upgrade to unlock additional capabilities, as your site grows in size and sophistication.

Premium plans can run many websites sharing resources and equivalent access to custom and licensed tools such as WordPress performance cache or even SiteLock malware security.