How to generate leads with Instagram: 12 actions for you to use in the app and improve your results

There are direct and indirect ways to generate Leads with Instagram, and certainly some of them will make sense for your company

Back in October 2010, when Instagram was launched, do you remember what the focus of the app was? The purpose of using the app was to take photos, apply effects to them and post them for your friends to see, like and comment on. But it evolved and companies saw it’s potential. Today it is possible to generate Leads with Digital Marketing on Instagram, supporting your strategy.

With the large number of users, Instagram has become strategic for this, which is one of the initial stages of the Marketing work. Your customers may be there too, so it’s worth studying your business persona to identify the best opportunities.

  • According to Instagram data, 90% of accounts follow at least one company on Instagram.

This evolution happened mainly after being acquired by Facebook. The social networking giant changed the face of the app, creating new features and “inspired” by others from rival Snapchat. The development of Instagram Ads and Instagram Stories are the main highlights.

In June 2018, the milestone of 1 billion active users was reached, of which 200 million are commercial profiles. Brazil is already the third in the world ranking of countries with more Instagram users, with 69 million — many of them from companies, making advertisements.

Over time, Instagram is no longer just a platform for displaying photos. It is now used by companies for brand positioning, fan relationships, promotions and even direct sales. Here you will check actions to start generating Leads using your company profile.

12 Ways to Generate Leads with Instagram

“People use Instagram to seek inspiration and discover items of interest to them”. That’s the definition that appears on the Facebook for Business page. But is this what your brand proposes to do and deliver to the public?

Before checking out the tips, it is very important to identify if your target audience is, in fact, active from the Instagram app. Remember: social networks are great ways to publicize your marketing actions, but they take work to maintain and manage. Therefore, you should only invest in those that make sense for your company.

If you come to the conclusion that it’s worth it, you’ll discover many ways to generate Leads with Instagram. In this post, we’ve listed them all, including many that we use here at lahore smart city. Some are direct, gaining conversion quickly, while others are indirect.

See below what they are, in addition to some practical examples:

1. Use the link in the bio

Even today, it is very common to read phrases like “to find out more, click on the bio link” in posts. As the post descriptions do not allow inserting clickable links, this was a good way found to generate Leads with Instagram. In this case, you take the user off the social network and can take him to another site, like a Landing Page, for example.

One tip is to use aggregators like Linktree or Link in Profile, which allow you to include multiple URLs together from a single link in the Instagram bio.

2. Optimize your profile description

Combined with a good description in the profile, tip 1 from Link in Bio is the best way to generate Leads in a simple way. Therefore, optimizing your description can be one of the most important elements for generating Leads, especially for the audience that comes to your page for the first time.

People visit company profiles on social media to find out about offers, information, products and the latest news. So instead of using the basic description like “we are company X and we make Y”, use that main space to make a clear offer.

To put a proper description, in order to attract more Leads, think about what your visitors will want in return from the page. As the first thing an Instagram user will see is the description, ideally it should clearly describe what they will receive after clicking on the CTA (Call-to-Action) you have included below it.

The CTA must take them to a landing page for delivery as described. Put a strong CTA (even use emojis here) next to the description to generate even more Leads with this element.

To make it even clearer: if you produce courses and work with their online sale, you can adapt your description to always disclose the news or the specific one that aims to attract more customers.

3. Keep the frequency of publications

Based on your product or service niche, you can identify the best frequency of publications you should perform to generate a positive result in Lead generation.

It is common to find information that it is necessary to make at least one post a day on Instagram to get this feedback. This makes sense when we analyze audiences that access the social network with consistency at least daily, and these posts are more likely to reach the right people.

Regular updates on Instagram, when there is an audience for it, is an interesting path to follow. But even if you don’t work on a daily basis with publications, it is essential to have a frequency thinking about Lead generation.

Making publications too spaced ends up disengaging your followers and the audience. The same can happen when you publish in excess.

As Instagram is all based on images and videos, the creative side, producing complete messages that lead your audience to take a conversion action, cannot be left out. So work the most creative side possible in publications to also be constant in Lead generation.

4. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is practically a separate channel on the social network for those who want to prospect new customers. In addition to making it possible to create short stories with sequences of photos and videos of up to 15 seconds, this feature makes it much easier to get people to access external pages.

With a simple “drag-up” Call-to-Action, you can make an offer that complements the visual content presented. Of course, the image or video of the story itself also needs to be interesting, and not just a mere bridge to generate Leads.

Here at RD, we usually tell short stories using Stories animations and features, such as polls. We encourage user interaction, encourage thinking about the issue, and provide a blogpost or rich material that can help our audiences.

5. Invest in Instagram Ads

If your marketing budget allows it, Instagram Ads ads are a great choice to complement your strategy and generate Leads with Instagram. Through the tool, you can segment your offers in a very personalized way.

Instagram’s business platform connects directly to Facebook, allowing you to combine the two audiences. It is possible, for example, to work out a retargeting strategy using both social networks.

In the eBook How to advertise on Instagram Ads there are more details on the subject, and you can download it for free to see the step-by-step instructions on how to do it in practice.

6. Put CTAs on published images

This item has to do with the link in the bio that we mentioned earlier. You can insert a Call-to-Action inviting the user to perform this action in the post text or even in the image, as in this example below. Evaluate what looks best and focus on the quality of the photo or illustration.

It is important to reinforce: Instagram is a visual social network. That is, people are there, for the most part, to see photos, videos, and artwork that are pleasing to the eye. If your account is synonymous with insistent conversion requests, it is likely to perform poorly.

It is therefore preferable to use the post text to enter the CTA. Include in the text intelligently, showing the follower that they will receive an interesting offer. 

Here’s how we did it when we announced the launch of Live Show Content Marketing:

7. Quote a URL in videos

Video productions have gained a lot of space and are also an opportunity to generate Leads on Instagram. In addition to the CTA in the text, why not display your site’s URL or a shortened link leading directly to a Landing Page?

If your video is interesting, it is natural that those who are watching it want to know more about your product, your company or about the topic you are sharing. The person can be frustrated if they are not able to receive more information about the subject they have just seen!

A good example is the Conquer School action in the video below, sharing its link at the end. Even in the midst of the pandemic, the company managed to attract more than 500,000 new students:

8. Partner with influencers

Instagram has several users with hundreds of thousands of followers. This means that the reach of these profiles can be much greater than yours, representing a great advertising strategy for your brand.

Some of these personalities charge for the dissemination of images on their profiles, with professional performance. You can look for some partnerships with influencers in your region and with the same target audience to initiate this type of communication.

The important thing is to find partnerships that make sense for your business. It’s no use paying dearly for an influencer who doesn’t talk to your persona. Lead generation will be wasted, throwing the investment out the window.

A good tip is to seek partnerships with pages that can share with the public content related to what you already do on your profile. This example below was the publication of the partnership we made with @greengodictionary on the Day of the Marketing Professional.

9. Use price tags on products

Instagram gives companies the ability to insert price tags on products featured in the images. Many ecommerces are already using the tool, which makes the job of taking the public to your own website and finalizing the purchase simpler.

Even if the purchase is not made, there are several other commercial possibilities and even lead generation. You can enter conversion CTAs on the website, such as subscribing to a newsletter, for example. Using pop-ups also helps to make an offer that attracts new conversions.

A good idea, too, is to work with the retargeting strategy, offering ads after that first visit.

rayban urges

10. Use hashtags

As one of the main tips, it is worth reinforcing the use of hashtags. They are used for users to search and find profiles and photos related to the same subject. You should use them in all your Instagram posts, making it easy for you to find your most valuable content

If you’re going to make unique and personalized content, it’s worth creating your own creative hashtag, in addition to encouraging your followers to use it too. It’s a great way to promote your company and, consequently, accelerate the generation of Leads.

On our profile, we created a series of videos with #RDHacks to share quick tips on Digital Marketing.

A post shared by Digital Results (@resdigitais) onJun 20, 2020 at 5:05am PDT

11. Perform live streams and save recordings to IGTV encouraging a conversion

One of the best features of Instagram is IGTV, which allows you to post longer videos, with more than 1 minute in length (which is the limit for normal videos). That’s why you can perform the famous lives on your profile and save them on IGTV for anyone to access later.

There you can also use your video descriptions to include a call to the bio link. Thus, anyone can access the content and materials they want to share.

But remember that both lives and IGTV are channels that people use to watch videos, and they don’t necessarily open or read the description. For best results and generate Leads with Instagram, remember to make a CTA during the video, telling that the audience can download or go to an important page by clicking on your profile link.

During the live held by André Siqueira, co-founder of RD, together with Sidnei Júnior, who is co-founder of Escola Conquer, both used the space to make calls for free courses, both at RD University and Conquer. The entire broadcast is saved in @resdigitais’ IGTV.

12. Run contests and sweepstakes

Yes, you can count on sweepstakes and contest-like actions to generate Leads on Instagram, either directly, capturing entries – through a Landing Page – that already become your new Leads, or indirectly, maintaining the relationship with this base on sequence to perform an offer that generates the conversion.

This is still very effective today, with multiple accounts receiving a large number of Leads using this technique. Understand first what your audience is interested in winning and create ways to distribute these awards so that large numbers of people can apply and participate.

With a successful action, after getting enough engagement and profile visits, it’s time to get people to your landing page via CTA on your Instagram profile.

Get your hands dirty to generate even more contacts

We can say that following the tips your profile will be practically configured to attract as many Leads as possible. But remember there is always a chance for improvement.

Adopt these formats, or those that make the most sense to your strategy, and you’ll already start generating Leads with Instagram.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for news in the app, which is always testing different things, especially in Stories. So always keep an eye on the news published here on the Digital Results blog.

To learn more about the app and advance your lead generation work, read our eBook How to Get Leads on Instagram: practical tips to generate more leads.