Serrated Knife- Important knife that your kitchen needs!

Serrated knives are often given the name of bread knives. It is a useful knife and paramount part of any Damascus kitchen knife set. The main job of this knife is to slice your foods that are accompanied by thick outer or resistant outer surfaces.

It is its design that makes it one of the efficient knives. It has got a thin blade but it is sturdy as well. These knives are always made of high-quality stainless steel and constantly retain their sharp edges. Besides, to keep you updated on Handmade kitchen knife set improvements, keep tuned with us.

Reasons to keep a serrated knife in your kitchen

These knives consist of a saw-like appearance right on their blade’s edge. They are known to be highly efficient and perform all kinds of cutting jobs. If you want to slice a crusty loaf of bread, then only this knife can help you. Moreover, it is these serrated blades that excel and beat at slicing cuts job.

None of the knives can give such a better and great example when it comes to cutting a loaf of bread. These knives can get through seamlessly even the tough outer crust. They make force cuts and do not destroy or compress any of the soft inner parts of your bread.

In addition, this knife gives out superior edge retention. To take care of it, you should regularly hone and also sharpen it. However, it fails to become dull even after years of use.

Uses offered by a serrated knife

This knife delivers an excellent job when slicing bread. It can even slice any kind of squash or melon for you. If you got a fruit similar to tomatoes, then you can cut them as well with this knife. It has the potential to slice up an eggplant. This knife can help you in creating and making thin and attractive slices.

It carves up a roast for you easily and conveniently. To all steak lovers out there, do buy and maintain this serrated knife at your end. It demands less effort if you want to bite-size cuts.

Qualities of a serrated knife

It is observed that all kinds of quality serrated kitchen knives are packed with broad, deep serrations. In other words, they have pointed serrations. The presence of crescent-shaped and concave indentations in them is given the name of gullets.

A few of the serrated knives are infused with scalloped serrations or rounded serrations. These are specifically and generally backward serrations. Furthermore, this design manages to stay sharper and well exposed for a long time. Serrated knife available in this design offer more grip.

Now, what you need to do is to go to your kitchen and see whether you have a serrated knife or not! This is a must-have knife and without its presence, most of your kitchen tasks will remain incomplete and pending. You can let us know what other ways you use this knife apart from cutting and slicing your bread pieces and tomatoes crust.