The History of the Custom Masonic Apron

The custom Masonic apron is one of the most versatile and useful items that can be bought for personal use or as a gift. These aprons are not just practical. They are also an extension of the wearer’s individuality. Traditionally, Masonic aprons were created in solid colors, usually black, navy blue or dark green. Today there is a plethora of color choices, so whether worn at work or in the community, the wearer will appreciate the individuality that an item such as this can represent.


For many years aprons were white. They were typically crafted out of heavy denim with little other detailing, but over time the apron has evolved into an item that is much more. Aprons can be made from colorful cotton, they can feature a satin double stitching, they can have embroidery or even crystals. Many an anpron today are made from materials such as corduroy, which makes the apron itself quite stylish. However, the bottom line is that the custom Masonic aprons of today are made to be as practical as they are stylish.


During the early years of the Order, the apron was simple and straightforward. It featured two strips of material that tied around the waist and beneath the arms. This was designed so that the wearer could quickly remove their garments without having to take their clothing off. Since Masonic rituals required extensive preparation and worship, it was important that members of the order were able to perform their vows and prayers without leaving their robes. Therefore, the apron became the garment that they wore beneath their clothes.


As time passed, however, the apron underwent a makeover. The original fabric was enhanced, and the pockets and straps were replaced with dainty stoles that were barely noticeable under a buttoned up shirt. Eventually, the apron became nothing more than a way to fasten a necktie. This trend ended with the wearing of ties in the 17th century, and the apron became more of a cloak than a helpful tool for ceremony.


Today, the apron is no longer used solely as a necktie. In fact, it has evolved into a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in many different ways. Traditionally, black is the color of the apron but today it is not uncommon to see a white or other color worn.


Traditionally, the apron is an item that is reserved for the ladies of the Craft. Today, men are just as welcome to wear one. In fact, many custom apron designs have neutral colors that are suitable for men and women. Often these apron colors match those worn by the twins of the same sex, or those who are members of the same family.


Another popular custom Masonic apron color is blue. This is a color commonly associated with the Masonic Order, and there are many different patterns of apron that feature this color. Whether worn as a collared apron, or one that is worn over a dress, blue is always a popular choice. Whether worn alone or with matching pants, blue is one of the most popular colors for a custom printed apron.


No matter what the occasion, it is easy to find a custom printed apron pattern that is appropriate for the occasion. From weddings to graduations, there are many occasions for which a printed apron would be appropriate. Whatever the theme of the celebration, it is easy to find the right apron to match. There is also the option of ordering a preprinted apron from an online retailer. Ordering through an online retailer allows you to have your apron shipped directly to your door, giving you the ease of shopping at your convenience.