Tips to Hold a Chef’s Knife

For beginners and experts, they can know well understand as to how to hold a Damascus chef knife. There is an easy way to do so. This knife lets you slice, mince and also chop food faster. Furthermore, a chef’s knife helps and assist you to make food in less time. This knife is at times called with the name of a French knife. Moreover, it comprises a broad and tapered shape. It is injected with a fine sharp edge. Its blade comes in length from 6 to 12 inches. Now, you can note the manner in which this knife should be used by you:

Tips for Non-knife Hand While Using A Chef Knife

If it is your first time while using the Best chef knife, then you have to remember some of the key points. First of all, you have to curl your fingers while using a chef knife to protect and secure your fingertips. Keep your little finger as well as your thumb right behind your other fingers.

Make sure to keep the side of the knife blade rests complete against the middle knuckle zones of your non-knife hand. This way, your knife will not be able to come down on your fingers. In addition, this technique allows you to measure and get an idea about the size of the cuts. Once you make a single cut on the food, then you can need to move your hands in a backward direction so that you can make the next cut.

Lastly, when using a chef knife, always make downward cuts. Do that by opting for a rocking motion. This motion starts from the tip and then reaches to the end of the knife blade. Besides, this rocking motion makes sure that your knife is not going to be sawed back and forth in any way through foods.

Tips for Knife Hand While Using A Chef Knife

Most importantly, you have to see how your thumb and first finger is gripping and holding the blade. This way, you can have better control and precision during your cutting job.

You can hold the handle in one hand and your other hand can freely rest on the top section of the blade while you are finely chopping your vegetables. This same technique should be followed while you are mincing some foods like that of small bunches of herbs or any piece of a bunch of garlic.

Meanwhile, you use a chef knife, remember that the tip section of the blade needs to kept in extreme contact with the cutting board surface. You can chop the food with immense perfection and also up to the desired size if the knife us blade is rocking up and down.

To avoid any fruits and vegetables from falling and slipping on your cutting board, what you can do is to cut them in half before you slice them on further notes. This way, you can anchor those fruits and vegetables firmly. And helps to protect yourself against any of the cutting injuries.

Feel free to share with us how you use and hold a chef knife. And enlighten to us your experience about it.