Tips to improve the opening rate of emails

Over time, emailings have become a fundamental piece in the marketing strategy for any company, as it is the best way to bring what happens inside the company to the rest of the parties, (especially to clients): news, events, events, launches of new products and / or services …

Surely increasing the open rate of your email campaigns, as in any marketing department, is one of your permanent objectives. In this case, this post by capital smart city is going to be great for you to find out the best tips that will make your open rates grow, once and for all. Let’s go there!

How long have you not checked your database? Update it!

If there is something good about the obligation of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, it is the cleaning of our databases . Yes, you may have had only a quarter of your subscriber list, but if they weren’t entirely attractive to your business, why do you need them?

A very good idea is to use the “double opt-in”, it will help to store contacts who are really interested, and have registered voluntarily.

This system consists of sending a first email with a link to the person who has subscribed. If it is really interested in subscribing, it will click on said link and at that moment it will become part of the database.

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Segment and you will conquer

Having a knowledge of our database is essential to ensure the success of our emails. You, me, and all of us like to receive interesting content, so why don’t we personalize and segment our campaigns?

Depending on your strategy, you can segment by: type of downloads made, page views on your website / blog, position / function performed in the company, geographical location and even by gender.

Make sure the subject is irresistibly clickable, but don’t get false hopes!

The first impression is tremendously important, no matter how much they tell us that what is beautiful is inside, don’t you think? Well, the same thing happens with emails. Each subject should be brimming with creativity, ingenuity and curiosity, without becoming spam, don’t forget!

Once you have your subject attractive enough, you must make sure that the content of the email is of quality and of interest to your subscribers, as in the previous point we were talking about.

In addition to an original subject, your contacts will also highly value the personalization of it, as well as the preview of the email that provides them with extra information about what they are going to find.

Find out what is the best day and the best time to send

Please pay close attention to this point. As much as your email is wonderful and has the best subject ever, if we send it on a Monday, the opening results may not be what you expect, normal! The return of the weekend means having the inbox at the top, although this topic depends a lot on the type of audience profile, as well as the work they do.

In this case, in the face of uncertainty, A / B tests can become your best ally. Without a doubt, a very interesting way to discover the star moment and day to make your emails shine even more. Try it and tell us!

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Do you have problems with the deliverability of your emails?

We could say that for some time, spam filters have become more sybaritic, more sophisticated, and this may be the real cause that your emails do not reach your contacts correctly, and not their lack of interest.

To guarantee the success of your email and get good opening results, you must do everything in your power to avoid being marked as spam , and end up in that hated folder.

Faced with this, take note of some practices to pass the anti spam filters:

  • Send your emails through domains that have already been verified.
  • The subjects of your emails should not be misleading, win the click!
  • Don’t make unsubscribe complicated.
  • Humanize your communications, including in your emails a signature with your information.


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With our tips, we wish you a resounding success for your future email campaigns. but for this, you must follow these tips very well. Remember, there is no magic formula, preparing and launching emails requires effort and a lot of dedication.

If you want to know more details about email marketing or need help to launch your communications to stardom, in our team we can do a lot for you , and even more for your marketing!

Don’t forget, the sky is the limit!