What do you need to rent an apartment?, Steps to follow

If you want to guide your clients well, it is their investments and making their lives easier, it is convenient that you know what it takes to find property for sale in Islamabad or rent an apartment.

If the predictions for next year are fulfilled, many of your clients may look for a flat to invest and make the investment profitable thanks to the rent, which is expected to reach 4% in 2016.

What do you need to rent an apartment? Requirements

The contract to rent an apartment in Faisal Hills Islamabad, the most important

If your real estate company manages rentals you will know that a contract to rent a well-written apartment is a guarantee that everything goes smoothly. Although there are several models of lease and surely your business has legal advice, remember:

  • You do not recommend abusive clauses, they usually harm those who impose them.
  • The normal term to pay the rent is usually from 1 to 5 of each month.
  • The law requires that the tenant be a minimum of 6 months, although the parties may agree to an economic compensation to the landlord if the tenant leaves the apartment within a year.
  • The maximum term of the contract is 5 years, extendable up to 3 more years if neither party reports not wanting to renew it.
  • It is normal to ask for a month of bond, although the parties can agree on additional guarantees such as bank guarantees.

The inventory of the apartment to rent

An inventory of the apartment to rent is always a good idea. In addition, at the time of signing the contract, it is convenient to review the house with the tenant and make the necessary photos to existing damage since the owners tend to remember their house in the state in which they left it.

To avoid surprises and unnecessary discussions when the tenant leaves the house, it is good that there are photographs of the state in which it was delivered.

Remember that the tenant must keep a copy of the inventory signed by the owners.

Deposit of the deposit

As you know, the tenant has the obligation to deposit the deposit in the corresponding body of his autonomous community. In addition, you are required to send the receipt of depositing the deposit to the tenant, or you may be exposed to a penalty as a result of a complaint.

Upon termination of the contract, the tenant may recover his bond with requirements that vary from one community to another.

Inmogesco Note: If you want to help your clients to do things well, do not forget to remind them that in order for the tenant to deduct the rent on the income statement, he needs the deposit deposit deposit.

Additional insurance

As you will remember, by law the houses must have contracted fire insurance, although it is often convenient to take out additional insurance even if the house is to be inhabited by others.

There are several modalities available in the market that will depend on whether the house is rented empty or furnished and on the risks that the landlord wishes to run.

Remember: If you make a lease agreement available to your clients and hang it on your real estate website, make sure it meets the requirements to rent a flat that is required by law.

Finally, remember that there is a  small and virtually unknown tax for most people and that affects tenants. This is the property transfer tax and that also affects rental housing. Not all autonomous communities pay attention, it is just € 200 every 5 years for an average rental of € 850. But it exists!