What’s a Dedicated Server?

what is a dedicated server


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A dedicated server is a stand-alone physical computer with Hardware resources and Internet connectivity dedicated meaning that the host’s resources aren’t shared with anyone.

Having a dedicated server, Your Company can have powerful, The connection your applications along with hardware require. Because you connectivity with anybody else and don’t discuss your power, performance and your host’s tasks run on burst speeds and the hardware tools what is a dedicated server.

The dedicated servers Provided by ServerPronto provide your Business minus all the benefits of a high-end server and the problems of hardware upkeep.

Using a dedicated server, you’ll be able to connect Over the world wide web to perform any service you require. A dedicated server can be used for hosting websites, programs, and services or to storage and backup data. Servers may also host services that are technical for internal usage, such as implementing servers that are dedicated or file servers.

What You’ll Receive with ServerPronto


All the dedicated server packages of ServerPronto come with at Least one public IP address and full root/administrator access to the system of your choice. Our servers are designed to manage considerable amounts of traffic, therefore included in our packages is at a minimum of bandwidth of 5TB in addition to a 100Mbps or 1Gbps port link.

Which are the advantages of a Dedicated Server?

what is a dedicated server

Servers are the infrastructure Hosting choice out there since it. No additional option can offer the same amount of performance and flexibility.


The level of security provided with a dedicated server is not any Match to any other environment. They’re more secure than a multi-tenant surroundings such as cloud or virtual hosting, since these servers are exclusive and under the control of one user.

This is especially important for programs that deal with Sensitive data (like purchase orders, personal and financial data ) and applications that operate with information having to meet regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS.


Having a dedicated server, you’ll have peace of mind knowing Since you get 100% of the assets of their server all to yourself that application or your website is running at top performance. This implies that all your server’s power is dedicated to you.

Your site or application’s performance will Take advantage of a host, improving traffic handling, loading time, job management and its rate.


In the server host into the RAM and storage area, you can Customize it as you desire. All the dedicated server packages of ServerPronto include one public IP address and complete root/administrator access into the system of your choice. Our dedicated servers are designed to handle large amounts of traffic included in our packages would be at a minimal of 5TB of bandwidth in addition to a 100Mbps or 1Gbps port connection.

What can you do using a Dedicated Server?

Is just what you require. They can handle and host internet applications, high-traffic sites and some instance where functionality, security, and liberty of management are paramount.

With a remote server, you can make your web Applications and services online available to your customers and users around the globe.

Bare Metallic host plus the software you need

Metal servers offer the best balance of top Performance at a reasonable price, offering a safe environment needs.

Our dedicated servers are as metal computers together with the Operating system of your choice pre-installed. In addition to that, we give you tools and applications so your server is ready-to-use when we hand it over to you.


Applications include:




Apache HTTP


MySQL Database


PHP, phpMyAdmin






CPanel (if ordered, additional fees apply)




Windows Server Manager


Internet Information Services, IIS


MSSQL (if ordered, extra fees apply)


Customize your dedicated host today.


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ServerPronto have provided us with the most cost effective Server solution ever. Their after sales support has been excellent and we look Forward to a long lasting business relationship with them.